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António Fernandes is a multiservice company, located in Loulé, which has an experience of over 30 years, providing home care throughout the Algarve.

Speed, efficiency and honesty are our mottoes.
We assist in all issues related to plumbing, electricity, door opening, repair of water heaters and boilers, appliance repair, construction work and general cleaning.

Contact us for malfunctions in general, urgent or not, infiltrations and maintenance, insulation against moisture and refurbishments.
Water Heater Repairs
Water Heater Repairs
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Water Heater Repairs

António Fernandes company provides technical assistance and perform water heater repairs on site, in a quick efficient manner.
We are located in Algarve, but conduct our services mainly in the areas of: Loulé, Faro, Albufeira and Olhão.
We have very experienced technicians in water heaters repairing, providing the solution for your damaged water heaters.

The cold days don't intimidate us, if you have problems with your water heater don't hesitate to contact us; we repair your water heater, to provide the comfort you deserve, in the warm environment of your home.

Water heater maintenance
These equipment, namely water heaters, need regular maintenance in order to extend its lifetime above the expected time, this way avoiding the inconvenience of a breakdown that compromises the comfort of your daily life and fulfillment of your basic needs, such as hot water.
António Fernandes conducts water heater maintenance services, complying with the desired quality for the equipment and working quickly, with the goal to keep the well-being of the house and its inhabitants.

Water Heater Installation
If you have a new water heater but don't know how to sart using it, António Fernandes company also provides the installation of water heaters in your home. If you need to replace your old equipment, we also have available for sale new water heaters and boilers, this way offering a whole service of water heater installation and supplying.


António Fernandes has in their team experienced plumbers in the different areas of plumbing: installation, maintenance and repairing.

Leave in our hands the care of your plumbing in the kitchen, bathrooms, storage rooms, garages and other places that need both maintenance and urgent repairing. We handle the breakdowns quickly and with the quality that is recognized to our services over the course of many years.
Trust in António Fernandes' team of electricians to solve all questions, from installations to electrical repairs, at your home, apartment, villa, warehouse, condos, all kinds of buildings.

We work quickly to respond to all urgencies and solving all kinds of electric troubles at the best price.
We work mainly in Loulé, Faro, Albufeira and Olhão.

We are at your disposal!